HAPPY BIRTHDAY: legendhemmo, piecesintheirplace, and taylorswiftisdauntless!!!

September 17: All of us at swiftbirthdays wish you three a very happy birthday! We hope you guys have an amazing day and get all the desserts you can possibly eat and get all the presents you really wanted! Everyone, please go wish these three people happy birthday!

taylorswifthongkong: Happy birthday:)

Thank you! :)

timeerasingyou: Heyyy happy birthday!! :)

Thanks!! That’s so nice!

swiftrecords: Happy Birthday! I hope your day goes great! <3

Thank you!!!

…In burning red

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taylor swift albums + vintage logos

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Music has taken me all over the world, but the fans are the reason it’s been so magical. I’m so blown away by how nice they are to me. It’s strange to feel so understood by such a large group of people, but I love it. [x]

i’m just gonna casually tag you in my edits in hopes you’ll follow me

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I am so excited for Taylor’s new album 1989!!

By SimplyAJ

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Taylor Swift at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Annual Gala

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When you think Tim McGraw…

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